Greek Bishops Defy World Jewry (Bro. Nathanael on video)

Some comments from Brother Nathanael’s video:

Jimmy “T”:

I’m also very proud of these Greek Bishops.

john king:

It would be great if you could have listed the addresses of these courageous Greek bishops.

They like all that stick their necks out for us need letters of thanks and encouragement.

USSA Today:

What cheeses me off about the whole thing is the KHAZARS who call themselves “Jews” and are not!

They love to call anybody that questions their plans of tyranny for all but themselves/NWO including REAL Jews/Sephardim an “Anti-Semites”. (Read “Life of An American Jew In Marxist Racist Israel”” by Jack Bernstein @

The “Jews” we know today who run Hollywood, banking/fiat money cartels, “News” (LOL) media, and politics are KHAZARS.

This is a such a huge ethnic fraud. Like the World Chess Champion said, “I’m not an anti-semite. I don’t hate Arabs.” This WW3 war in Iraq is anti-semitic.


Everyone’s spine should be stiffened by the truth and justice of Christ, just like these two bishops have it.

I am so very proud of my two Greek metropolitans – Most Rev. Serapheim of Pireus and Most Rev. Antimos of Thessaloniki — that I could get up and dance!

Metropolitan Serapheim of Piraeus is one of the members of Standing Holy Synod of the Church of Greece.

Their website in English is:


Please find contact details below for the two Bishops.

Indeed, the Greek media is all over this case and the good thing is that the people who are Zionist controlled or indoctrinated are revealing themselves with their comments. The same happens with all these who are supporting the Bishop’s statements and show themselves to be still free.

As I have mentioned many times here on this site, for those pious who attend the Church, it is a well known fact that most Greek Orthodox Churches, Monasteries and organizations fully expose Zionism, Jewry and all related things, in sermons, booklets, fliers, etc.

In Greece, one can still find easily lots of publications and written material on this subject and nothing is hidden from the active Christian.

While we see as spiritual Children of Abraham, we are also not afraid to say out loud WHO runs this world and WHO is behind the biggest atrocities we see around us today.

It must be said, that there is a minority, unfortunately even within the Church, who are obviously compromised but this is another story. The main thing to remember, is that whoever is an active member of the Church here in Greece, knows the truth.

I’ll probably write more details later, as there is a lot that is happening here with this, but, here are the addresses for writing directly to these Bishops:

His Eminence Bishop Seraphim of Piraeus:
Akti Themistokleous 190
T.K. 185 39 Piraeus
Telephone: 0030 210 4514.833
Fax: 0030 210 4512.049

His Eminence Bishop Anthimos of Thessaloniki
Bogatsikou 7,
T.K. 54622
Telephone: 0030 2310 26 12 16,
fax: 0030 2310 23 07 22
Web site:

As always, it is better to call them, or write a real “snail” mail, than emailing them. It is always more powerful and effective like that.

I expect these Bishops soon not to be able to travel outside of Greece and perhaps even some EU countries, will issue arrest warrants as they have done with other outspoken people.


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