Extremist Christian Zionist organizations

Jesus wasn’t a Christian Zionist. So why are there so many Christian Zionist organizations claiming to be followers of Jesus? Good question. And I really don’t have a concise answer. Probably the best thing to do is list a few of the organizations that follow the Christian Zionist cult, making you aware of what these outfits are really up to! The following list is mainly taken from ChallengingChristianZionism and is just a small sampling of the many Christian Zionist tax-exempt organizations in existence.

Some Canadian Christian Zionist organizations:

5 Responses to Extremist Christian Zionist organizations

  1. jonnyh says:

    Christian Zionism is not a cult. True believers in Jesus should be praying for the peace of Jerusalem. You have been reading too much of phoneys like Dr Steve Sizer!!

    This is not a perfect country, but actions to protect and defend this nation from hostile neigbours and those who seek to revise history who want to carve large bits out of this country and turn it into a terrorist state.

    Steer clear of so called ‘Christian’ anti-Zionist organisations who slur and belittle the believers who seek to do work here in the holy land. True believers in Jesus must reject replacement theology are pray for the Jewish people, who without them there would not be today Christianity, as Jesus and the first generation of Christians were Jewish.




    • Hi Jon, actually I learned about Christian Zionism (CZ) long before Dr. Sizer did his dissertation on Christian Zionism. I learned about CZ from your cult leaders Falwell, Robertson, Hagee, “Burn a Koran” Jones, et al. Your hero, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, hit the nail on the head when he said Christian Zionists are useful idiots. I’m still trying to figure out how Jesus was a Jew when that word was not invented until the 18th century, according to former Jew Benjamin Freedman. Any sect or person that recommends assassinations and supports genocide is, in my book, a cult to be avoided at all cost. God bless.


  2. Sam says:

    Jews need Jesus for salvation as much as Arabs do and all Muslims. Those who pray for Israel and it’s salvation should as well consider the spiritual med of Arabs. It is the Jews who killed Jesus and who still spit on Him today and persecute true Christians and reject His free salvation.
    Indeed for the sake of Abraham God still shows extra grace for the Jews but unless they repent, they will perish too.


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