“Christian-Zionism” Is Trouble for Israel and the USA

By Frank Schaeffer

[MysteryWorshiper’s note: I’ve posted this article by Schaeffer because it discusses the cult of Christian Zionism. In addition, the moderator of Anti-Zionist Canada has made an excellent critical review of Schaeffer, presented below:

While I’m in agreement with most of the obvious statements by Schaeffer there’s still some things that irk me in his assessment.
First off I don’t believe it was/is “Evangelical theological/biblical ‘reasons'” that have deformed US foreign policy. It was Talmudic, Zionist Jew policies that were surreptitiously slipped into the State Department and the White House over the past century or so that have done the dirty work of subverting those erring, ignorant Christians who, for whatever reasons, succumbed to this notion that by giving their unstinting support to this blatant, rogue, apartheid, racist, supremacist state duplicitously designating itself the center and epitome of the Biblical Israel, they would somehow be fulfilling Biblical prophecy.
I believe that Saint John the Divine, in his letters to the seven churches of Asia (Revelation, 2:9), gave the world fair warning of these times when he quotes Jesus Christ’s clear warning to future generations:
“…I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.”
Any Christian or any unbiased person who has studied the question of these Ashkenazi interlopers knows that the Israel of Biblical times refers to all the twelve tribes that then composed it, not, as the Zionists would have people believe, only those of the tribe of Judah, the one tribe, that incidentally, was booted out because it was too warlike and cruel to get along with all the others in the region.
Again, it’s taken the past three hundred years and more of this incessant poisoning of the Christian churches by these rabbinical Talmudic tyrants to reach the final stages that we’re now at. The only direct fault I see for Christians (and non-Christians are no exception to this either) is that due to their trust and belief in their religious leaders, they fell prey to this false notion of the false Jews.
We overlook the big bucks that these phony Jews have poured into anti-Christs like John Hagee and by doing so again reveal the fact that other warnings by the Christed One directly related to this issue of false prophets also have been disregarded by those who profess to be “Christian” Zionists.
I particularly take exception to this comment by Shaeffer: “The state of Israel has every much as a right to exist as countries like the United States, New Zealand and Australia where the land was also (relatively recently) forcibly taken from the previous occupants. And yes, Israel suffers from slander from many hypocrites in the world (Arab and otherwise).” Both he and the Huffington Post are too Jew influenced, to the point where they don’t see, or don’t want to see, the actual reason why Rothschild invented and then established this so-called “state” called Israel in the midst of the Arab world. Schaeffer sounds like the typical shabez goi Israeli apologist who, slyly appears to be questioning this cancerous growth upon the body politic yet constantly qualifies himself by pretense.
Israel is a parasite as Eustice Mullens clearly shows and one that, left to exist, will drain the lifeblood from not only the people of Palestine and the surrounding Arab regions but from the global family of man itself. It must be dismantled somehow and its illegally gotten license to potentially use its nuclear arsenal against the world removed from the Middle East.
You cannot argue or debate or reason with a cancerous growth or with a parasite. It’s the nature of these entities to “do their own thing” regardless of the ill effect upon the host that they live off. It therefore becomes incumbent upon the host to do something to dislodge that which is slowly sucking its life away. To try and twist this basic fact of nature into some type of Talmudic hypothesis that admits otherwise is a sign of mental derangement.
That said, we have to keep hammering home the fact that these false prophets of death and deception who hide behind their mask called “Israel” are NOT the original Hebrew inhabitants of a small portion of the former Biblical area known as Palestine but are in truth hucksters and terrorists and liars and cheats who will do anything and everything that a human parasite is capable of conceiving in order to justify their existence within the context that they now operate. In this sense Frank Shaeffer and the Huffington Post are only adding additional subterfuge and falsehood in this article.]

July 08, 2010 “Huffington Post” – -Some of the nuttiest American religious leaders today (and in the past) have latched on to one form or another of Christian Zionism. These days Reverend John Hagee (pastor of a mega church with thousands of members in Houston) is a leading Far Right Evangelical and ardent fan of Israeli expansion into the disputed West Bank.

And the bestselling books of the Left Behind series of novels have fed the Evangelicals’ fixation on End Times prophecy and the “imminent” return of Christ. To put it mildly, the Evangelical theological/biblical “reasons” have deformed US policy and made America act against its self interest. This has also harmed the state of Israel.

Here’s a story in the New York Times that handily illustrates the price both America and Israel pay for allowing Evangelical mythology to inform, or should I say deform, US foreign policy.

According to the New York Times, “Tax-Exempt Funds Aid Settlements in West Bank” (July 6, 2010), evangelical fans of the Apocalypse are hock deep in aiding and abetting illegal settlements while our government looks the other way!

HAR BRACHA, West Bank — Twice a year, American evangelicals show up at a winery in this Jewish settlement in the hills of ancient Samaria to play a direct role in biblical prophecy, picking grapes and pruning vines.
Believing that Christian help for Jewish winemakers here in the occupied West Bank foretells Christ’s second coming, they are recruited by a Tennessee-based charity called HaYovel that invites volunteers “to labor side by side with the people of Israel” and “to share with them a passion for the soon coming jubilee in Yeshua, messiah.”

“Israel exists because of a covenant God made with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob 3,500 years ago — and that covenant still stands,” Mr. Hagee thundered. “World leaders do not have the authority to tell Israel and the Jewish people what they can and cannot do in the city of Jerusalem.”

Conflict, Armageddon and the “End Times” is the Christian-Zionist agenda, not helping a child in Tel Aviv or Gaza live happily, have a normal life and walk to school safely. The Evangelicals who “love” the state of Israel would rather see an innocent Jewish or Palestinian child blown up in a rocket attack as long as the “Promised Land” is “fully reclaimed” to fulfill their harebrained ideas of biblical prophecy. With “friends” like the Christian Zionists Israel needs no enemies. With “citizens” like the Evangelicals rooting for Armageddon, America needs no traitors.

Hold the emails! The state of Israel has every much as a right to exist as countries like the United States, New Zealand and Australia where the land was also (relatively recently) forcibly taken from the previous occupants. And yes, Israel suffers from slander from many hypocrites in the world (Arab and otherwise).

That said, American Evangelicals have an unhealthy affinity with the idea of religion-based states. A bedrock article of faith among American Evangelicals is that America had “Christian origins,” and that today America must be “restored” to our “Christian heritage.” The “Puritan heritage” of America is constantly cited as evidence for our need to “return” to our biblical roots. (In order to “fulfill Biblical prophecy,” so-called “Dispensationalists” have been working to ensure that the world’s Jews return to Israel and occupy all of Palestine. Dispensationalists have been leading “pilgrims” to Israel ever since since Pastor Jerry Falwell’s first visit in order to win financial and political support for the Jewish settlements in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.)

As I discuss in my book Crazy For God Puritans believed that they were carrying “authentic Christianity” to America, especially as written in the Old Testament. They said that they were on a divine mission, even called themselves; “the New Israel” and a “city set upon a hill.” John Winthrop (governor of Massachusetts Bay) transferred the idea of “nationhood” in biblical Israel to the Massachusetts Bay Company. Puritans even said the Bible confirmed their status as the New Israel!

It is no coincidence that the self-consciously religious states of the Middle East are in perpetual conflict with other equally religion-based countries, for instance Islamic states like Pakistan, Saudi Arabia (that postures as the keeper of Islam) and Iran are in perpetual conflict with Israel the Jewish homeland. And it’s no coincidence that America has paid dearly in blood and treasure in one Middle Eastern-incited and/or actual military entanglement after another because of our theology-based relationship with the state of Israel as well as our meddling in the affairs of the Islamic states like Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan.

What would you expect but conflict when modernity tangles with Bronze Age tribalism that’s been given a biblical Evangelical “End Times” twist?!

As the Times story illustrates, Evangelical hardliners have a “prophetic” agenda when pushing Israel to keep all the West Bank and to be “tough on the Palestinians” that has nothing to do with what might bring peace (let alone justice) to the actual Jews and actual Arabs who are fated to be neighbors. Gleeful — shamefully tax-deductible — war mongering in the name of Jesus and/or “protecting Israel” — from a safe distance, say from Houston! — has everything to do with Evangelicals’ ideas about what will hasten the “return of Christ” and nothing to do with what is actually good for the Israelis, Palestinians and Arabs, let alone the rest of us who long for peace.

Frank Schaeffer is a writer and author of Crazy for God: How I Grew Up as One of the Elect, Helped Found the Religious Right, and Lived to Take All (or Almost All) of It Back


One Response to “Christian-Zionism” Is Trouble for Israel and the USA


    If Ezekiel 37 was fulfilled with the creation of Israel in 1948, as Protestants claim, then the Messiah has not yet come or proved to the world!

    Ezekiel 37 speaks actually the back of the Babylonian exile and the Roman, they interpret most of the Protestants; in verse 26 says that God would make a covenant of peace, it was nothing more that the gospel brought by Christ in his time!

    It is in this sequence that is the prophecy; RAISE THE DRY BONES, TAKE THEM BACK TO THE EARTH AND ITS MAKING A PEACE ALLIANCE (emphasis mine)

    If this return was fulfilled in 1948 to create the state of Israel, so now only lack the PEACE ALLIANCE, because the Jews expect their Messiah today. And indirectly say the PROTESTANT unaware that; “The Messiah has not yet come into the world.”

    “For many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh This is so misleading and the antichrist.” (2 John 1: 7).

    “… These people honor me with their lips, but their heart is far from me;” (Mark 7: 6) ”

    – Protestants for defending the biblical ideology ZIONIST become antichrists unknowingly because of their FALSE PROPHETS!

    – God of Israel or God’s Church ? – (3 min)


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