Possibly Canada’s biggest ‘Watergate’ scandal you’ve never heard about

Stephen Harper

Nine (9) dead judges in Canada…and you’ve never heard about it in the mainstream media. But if you have heard about the “water war crimes” through the mainstream media, it has been grossly distorted. Check out the following report which claims to be the real deal in investigating Canada’s water war crimes.

Thousands of viewers worldwide are now turning to the WaterWarCrimes web site to learn about the statistically impossible co-incidence of the sudden deaths of nine (9) Canadian judges linked to the WaterWarCrimes lawsuit in Canada’s Federal Court plus the sudden death by heart attack in January 2009, of a prominent Canadian politician and the sudden death by heart attack, in February 2010, of a retired prominent Canadian civil servant, both linked to the WaterWarCrimes.  The total death count is now eleven and set to go higher.

For decades, political and business insiders, with Canadian and British Columbian governments, have known that the water resources in the American southwest and Mexico were dwindling in the face of an increasing population. A small group of Canadian political insiders saw the opportunity to earn massive profits for themselves from the export of Canada’s fresh water and set about on a fraudulent and corrupt scheme to capture for themselves an illegal water export monopoly so they could line their pockets with revenues from the sale of Canadian public assests and gouge American consumers.

You can keep up to date here. The water war crimes site recently notes the strange resignation of Canadian Deputy Minister of Justice John H. Sims.


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