Vatican sex scandal likened to persecution of the Jews

Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa, Preacher to the Papal Household

I’m afraid many visitors to my site don’t have the time to view the links. So, on this Good Friday I’d like to post a short essay by Catholic scholar Michael Hoffman.  His timely analysis of the current child molestation scandal in the Catholic church won’t be found in the main stream or most religious media, but it should be.  Because much of the Catholic church has been infiltrated by Masonic Zionism (even church interiors), Hoffman declares that Pope Benedict is not a Catholic.

Vatican compares molestation scandal to “persecution of the Jews”

This would be hilarious if it were not so depraved and disgusting. The crypto-rabbi wing of Judeo-Churchianity (Rev. Fr. Cantalamessa, Pope Benedict) trying to curry favor, on Good Friday, with the rabbis of the Judeo wing, compare the uproar over the culture of child-molestation facilitation in the Catholic hierarchy (Mahony, Driscoll, Skylstad still in power; Bernard Law, fugitive from justice, made Arch Priest of a Roman basilica) with the “persecution of the Jews.”

Here we have prima facie evidence that Cantalamessa and his enabler, Pope Benedict, are not Catholic. “Persecution of the Jews” is the historic cry of the Freemasons and rabbis against the saints and theologians of the early and medieval Church.

To claim that worldwide anger over child molestation facilitation by the hierarchy of the Catholic Church is comparable to unjust “persecution of the Jews” is self-indicting. To make this claim on Good Friday is blasphemy. It signifies that the current usurpers who occupy the Church are as phony as the paranoid and megalomaniac ADL that sees “persecution of the Jews” in every stubbed Zionist toe.

Moreover, what is the definition of “persecution of the Jews”? Is it “persecution” when freedom of speech is in place to permit educating the public concerning the murderous racism in the Talmud that inspires Israeli mass murder in Palestine? Is it “persecution” when the stories of execution gas chambers in Auschwitz are questioned by scientists and publishers? Is it “persecution” when Israeli generals are compared to Nazis when they butcher the people of Gaza?

As for “collective” punishment, what of the collective punishment of German civilians during and after World War II? What of the ongoing collective punishment of the populations of Lebanon and Palestine by the “state of Israel,” egged on by homicidal maniacs known as Orthodox “settler” rabbis?

If the Vatican was truly Catholic and Christ-like it would announce to the world that every child-molestation facilitator, beginning with Cardinal Roger Mahony in Los Angeles, has been removed from office and shipped to a Trappist monastery while they await state prosecution — with the Vatican fully cooperating with the prosecutors. Bernard Law would be extradited from Vatican City back to Boston to face justice. Instead, the Vatican continues to keep these and other evil bishops (Skylstad, Driscoll, ad nauseum) in power while the Vatican sobs about “exaggerated” charges of a culture of child molestation facilitation existing within the Church.

The Vatican is the enemy of the Catholicism of the early and medieval Church, and thus today it appears without shame, on Good Friday, like Martin Gray, author of For Those I Loved, a book filled with his sorrowful ordeal as a persecuted Judaic “Holocaust Survivor” who was supposedly forced to help clear bodies out of the Treblinka “gas chamber.” In truth, Gray and his book were both fakes. In fact, he was a decorated officer in the Soviet NKVD responsible for the murder of Christians and gentiles, posing as a poor persecuted Chosen One. This is the pattern of despicable fraud and shetl chicanery which the pope and his papal household preacher, sunk in the ethos of Holocaustianity, mount as an alibi and imitate as a form of self-defense.

Alas, the rabbinic racketeers will never surrender their monopoly on persecution to the hated papacy, even when the “Holy See” is occupied by a co-conspirator who is so inept he imagines he can grab a share of the persecution paranoia and co-opt Judaism’s most cherished, trademarked brand. Consequently this disgraceful Vatican pandering to the ideological heirs of those who demanded the death of Jesus, is now backfiring.

In a palimpsest of falsification, the Zionist media keeps the pressure on Benedict by portraying this agent of the Synagogue as quasi antisemitic. This ruse serves a two-fold function: 1. it keeps Benedict pandering ever more to the rabbis, offering ever more craven concessions and servile compromise; and 2. it gives the 39-watt filaments of the Remnant newspaper types in traditional Catholicism the opportunity to claim that poor, pitiful Pope Benedict is a Catholic bastion against the synagogue! (Somewhere the masters of the Zohar are grinning).

For those who own a copy of my book Judaism Discovered, you will find a dossier on the lies and deceitful word games played by the crypto-rabbi “preacher of the papal household,” Raniero Cantalamessa. Cf. pp. 389-390 and 414-418.

In the pages mentioned above, Mr. Hoffman points out two boldface lies made by Fr. Cantalamessa who tries to defend the Talmud’s vulgar references to Jesus:

(1) that the Sadducees were more guilty of deicide than the Pharisees, and (2) that Pilate was ‘just as responsible as the Jewish leaders.’


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