Christian Zionism threatens the existence of the United States

The Other Israel video documentary by the Rev. Ted Pike probably explains better than any other method why I am not a Judeo-Christian, that is, a Christian Zionist. The film has been reviewed by Judaic experts and has passed the “not anti-Semitic” test.

The Other Israel (1987) is the television version of Ted Pike’s book, Israel: Our Duty … Our Dilemma. Compiled after 15 months’ filming and editing, this fast-moving, professional video documentary will give you a unique education on the inner teachings of Judaism – teachings which have made the Jews a race apart – for millenniums. Through the television camera “The Other Israel” takes you where few Christian scholars have gone – to the semi-secret rabbinic sources that blaspheme Christ and vow eventual triumph over the nations.

Rev. Pike’s film supports Grace Halsell’s statement that “Christian Zionism threatens not just the lives of Palestinians and other Arabs, but the very existence of the United States.


2 Responses to Christian Zionism threatens the existence of the United States

  1. “Judeo-Christian” is something very different from “Christian Zionist”.
    Cf. e.g.


    • Thanks for visiting. Strictly speaking, they might be very different, especially in educated Europe. But in America, in practice, the terms can mean the same: both support wars, both worship the Zionist State of Israel (its actions are ordained of God, even the Gaza genocide), both believe Israelis are God’s chosen people, and both look for a “rapture” to escape the chaos caused by political Zionism.
      Also, there are many different types of Christian Zionists as identified by Dr. Stephen Sizer.
      As a footnote, I don’t put a lot of confidence in Wikipedia because it is censored by pro-Zionist editors.


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