Evangelical leader of ‘The Family’ more frightening than Jim Jones of Peoples Temple

Dr. Charles E. Carlson of WHTT asks a good question: “What is really wrong with ‘The Family’ and why should all followers of Christ denounce and oppose it?”

His answer: “Because it will take Christian Zionists, including President Obama, Mike Huckabee, Sarah Palin, and a flock of Congressmen in both parties to a dangerous new height of political power by whispering in their ears, ‘Do it,’ God gave you power so He must want you to do your will.”

In an exclusive Religion Dispatches interview with Jeff Sharlet, Sharlet describes the leader of the Family, Doug Coe, this way:

That penchant for “invisibility,” as he calls it, makes him unusual, but don’t mistake him for some humble servant of the Lord. Above all else, Coe admires strength, of the iron fist variety. Over the years he’s acted as a de facto lobbyist for strongmen ranging from Haiti’s Papa Doc Duvalier to Indonesia’s Suharto. Disavowing the strident pulpit-pounding that makes headlines, Coe preaches a far more authoritarian message, advising congressmen to look to “evil men” such as Hitler, Stalin, and Mao for insight into the nature of Christ’s power.

Also, Pastor Chuck Warnock offers an insightful review of a book on “The Family” and concludes by saying

“Jeff Sharlet has done evangelicals a favor by showing us that in the case of the Family, the emperor really is naked.  The argument which forms the basis for the Family — that men of authority are there because God placed them there — is a poor exegetical attempt to justify amoral power politics.  If Jesus were to have adopted the philosophy of the Family, he would have worked with Herod, and he would have taken Pontius Pilate to lunch.  And, when Satan tempted Christ by offering him raw political power, Jesus would have jumped at the chance because, as Doug Coe says, “we work with power where we can [and] build new power where we can’t.”

Christians must always be vigilant and be prepared to chase out the wolf that dresses up in shepherd’s clothing!


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