Reject Israel’s genocidal policies, and God will curse you, she says

“Keep God in America” sounds so religious, doesn’t it? Until you learn that these folks are officially known as Christian Zionists, but in practice are a bunch of “spiritual schizophrenics.” For example, take US Congresswoman Michele Backmann, a pro-life Christian who believes people and nations are “blessed” if they first approve of the genocidal policies of the apartheid State of Israel. Seems her God comes in second.  I’m not sure, but there might be two Michele Backmanns. The first Backmann says some members of Congress are anti-American, and the other Backmann says Americans must first “bless” racist Israel or God will “end…the United States“! That’s quite a severe penalty. Of course, we shouldn’t be surprised because Backmann has grown up in churches that sell Christian Zionism.


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