What is ‘Christian’ about Christian Zionism?

Not much. I don’t think it’s Christian to enable bloody wars and “preemptive strikes,” inflicting pain and suffering; or to recommend assassination of government leaders; or to teach a theology that promotes genocide, or worse still, they don’t exist in the first place. Isn’t it strange that Americans broke away from Britain politically to form their own “free” country but the majority of America’s evangelical Christians today have swallowed the 60-year-old (more or less) British cult of Christian Zionism. This video, Onward, Christian Zionists, explains how these spiritual schizophrenics can claim to be pro-life and yet promote death and destruction at every chance they get.

Get used to it: some Christian Zionists are not very honest. For example, Messianic Jew and Christian Zionist David Brickner of Jews for Jesus even wrote a book about the subject and complains about some aspects of Christian Zionism, trying to fool non-Christian Zionists, but not this brave Christian. And the Rev. Dr. Stephen Sizer can see through the trickery and writes:

It may therefore be argued that it is actually Christian Zionists who are anti-Semitic through their partisan support for Israel’s apartheid regime, their antipathy toward Arabs, and their almost pathological conviction which makes them ‘anxious for Armageddon’.


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